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MACS: Revolutionizing Construction with Superior Mini-Diggers Tools

Established in 2007, MACS has since become an innovative leader in parts and accessories specifically designed for mini diggers.

Today, MACS is not only a well -respected manufacturer but also a supplier of a diverse range of quality equipment. The MACS range includes thumbs, grabbles, rakes, buckets, ripper teeth, pins, bushes and ram seals to name but a few.

With our wealth of experience and expertise, we have successfully created a strong presence in the market offering over 11,000 product references to cater to the precise needs and demands of mini-excavator owners. 

Our presence spans across Europe with over 300 resellers distributing our products. 

A MACS attachment has grown to be a tool that mini - excavator owners can't afford to be without!

Macs products are not just an attachment - it's a MACS: A testement to quality, durability and functionality.

Whatever your job, wherever you are, you can rely on MACS

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