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Seal Kit MACS7079956310 Bottom Dump for Komatsu PC1000-1

€  140
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Teilnummer: MACS7079956310; Kompatibles Modell: Komatsu PC1000-1 Excavators (Cylinder Nr. 21N-63-03071, Rod 90 mm Bohrung 140 mm) Anwendung: Bottom Dump Qualität: Langlebig, in der Lage, hohen Temperaturen und Drücken standzuhalten, bietet hervorragende Leistung

Kategorie: Dichtungen

Part Number: MACS7079956310; Compatible Model: Komatsu PC1000-1 Excavators (Cylinder No. 21N-63-03071, Rod 90 mm Bore 140 mm) Application: Bottom Dump Quality: Durable, able to withstand high temperatures and pressures, providing excellent performance We offer a wide variety of seal kits for various applications, including boom, arm, and bucket hydraulic cylinders, main pumps, control valves, track adjusters, swing motors, travel motors, center joints, regulator valves, pilot valves, and gear pumps. Additional products such as O-Ring boxes, couplings, DU bushings, piston steel rings, and pushers are also available. Please note: The provided image is for illustrative purposes only; actual products may vary in appearance.


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